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What are eStatements?

eStatements are an electronic version of your paper statements. They look just like your paper statements, but you view them online.

Are eStatements safe?

Yes. Your eStatement is stored on a secure server and transmitted to your Internet browser using 128-bit encryption. Only you can access your eStatement using your Cherokee Online access ID and password.

I read that using eStatements helps prevent identity theft. Is this true?

Because Access IDs, Passwords, and our additional level of security are needed to access your eStatement, your information is more secure than it is in your mailbox, where identity thieves can easily grab your paper bank statements. BankCherokee also uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that your information is protected online.

Does my eStatement contain the same information as my paper statement?

Yes. Your eStatement contains the same information your paper statement does. The eStatement itself is a Portable Document Format (pdf) version of your paper statement and looks exactly like the paper statements you’re used to receiving.

Is there a fee for the eStatement service?

No. eStatements are a free service from BankCherokee.

What is required to sign up for statements?

Signing up for eStatements requires enrollment in Cherokee Online. Access to Cherokee Online requires an Internet connection and a current browser supporting 128-bit security encryption. Viewing eStatements requires the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software or similar program.

What accounts are eligible for eStatements?

eStatements are currently available for all BankCherokee checking and savings accounts.

Can I enroll for more than one checking or savings account?

eStatements are enrolled on an account-by-account basis. Therefore, you can enroll as many checking and savings accounts as you wish. If you wish to enroll additional accounts after your initial enrollment, simply click on the Personal Profile link after you’ve signed into your online banking account and scroll down to the eStatements section.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Log on to Cherokee Online.

  • Click on the Personal Profile link/button.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the section entitled eStatement Enrollment.
  • Click on the Edit button to enroll.

How will I know a new eStatement is ready to be viewed?

Each month, you will receive an e-mail notification from BankCherokee that lets you know your statement is ready. The message will not contain any confidential information, such as your BankCherokee account number. The message will provide a link that will direct you to the “Log In” screen of our Internet Banking service, where you’ll use your Access ID and Password to access your account statement.

How do I view eStatements?

Log into your online account. Click on the account number for the statement you would like to view. Click on the Documents button. Click on the eStatements link. Now, simply click on the statement you would like to view and it will open up in Adobe Acrobat. It’s that easy!

What is a PDF? Do I need Adobe Acrobat Software to view my eStatements? How do I get a copy?

A PDF is a Portable Document Format and is a standard way to deliver electronic documents on the Internet. Your eStatement will be delivered to you as a PDF document. To read your PDF eStatement document you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader

What if I enroll and then decide I want to switch back to paper statements?

You can change your mind, and withdraw your consent, at any time. You can withdraw your consent by calling us at 651.225.6299 or by writing to us at: BankCherokee, Attn: Internet Banking, 607 S. Smith Ave. St. Paul, MN 55107. When you turn off eStatements, you will automatically begin receiving mailed (paper) statements and legal notices with your next statement cycle. Depending on the type of personal checking or business checking account you have, there may be a monthly fee for paper statements.

Why do I have to provide my email address to sign up for eStatements?

We will notify you via email when your eStatement is ready to be viewed.

How do I change my e-mail address?

Log into your Cherokee Online account. Click on the Personal Profile link. Look for the section entitled E-Mail and click the Edit button. Enter your new e-mail address and Submit.

Will my eStatement be available if for some reason I don’t receive my email notification?

Yes. Your actual eStatement is independent of your email notification. If you do not receive your email notification, please call us at 651.225.6299, during business hours, and one of our convenience bankers will verify that we have your correct email address.

How long is my eStatement available?

You will be able to view your statement for 16 months. Each month your new statement will be added to your available eStatement list, which will accumulate up to a 16-month period. After 16 months, your oldest eStatement will no longer be available online. You will have the ability to save your eStatements to your computer while the eStatement appears in your active eStatement list.

How do I save eStatements to my computer?

Once you have opened your eStatement and are viewing it in Adobe Reader, go to the File menu and choose “Save As”. Name the statement file whatever you would like and choose the location you would like to save it to on your computer. Alternatively, you can just right-click on the date of the statement you want to save and choose “Save Target As” from the pop-up menu, name the statement file whatever you would like, and choose the location you would like to save it to on your computer.

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